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Dr Qasim Aref Qasem د. قاسم عارف قاسم Consultant Ophthalmologist

Anbyou idris a five years old child from Somalia, an orphan who lost both parents and was unfortunate to  loose her  sight following a severe corneal infection at the age of two. Living at an unprivileged area with poor health service her grandmother had nothing but prayers for her. Madam Habiba from Somalia a resident […]

An interview with Sama Dubai TV on how to protect eyes from mobile with Dr Qasim Arif opthalmologist , Almultqa program (Part 2)

How to protect eyes from mobile Topic: how to protect your children eyes from the side effects of excessive use of portable electronics. this interview has covered all the aspects related to eyes which is also explained by latifa hospital dubai doctors and latifa hospital pediatrics. لقاء مع برنامج الملتقى ، تلفزيون سما دبي لالقاء […]

pediatric opthamologist dubai Dr. Qasem Interview with MBC TV about Eye Health Care

Vitreoretinal surgeon dubai on show Pediatric opthamologist dubai: best ophthalmologist in dubai healthcare city Dr Qasim arif is one of the best eye doctor in dubai. He has got plenty of experience in the field and can make a difference. He is one of those specialist pediatric opthamologist dubai who achieved splendid milestones and successes […]