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Dr Qasim is the leading eye surgeon in Dubai when it comes to improving vision using advanced and safe techniques. Our commitment to excellence is shown by advanced diagnostic and treatment approaches such as Corneal Mapping, Digital Retinal Imaging, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), etc. With a focus on the patient’s well-being, our eye doctor in Dubai also offers comprehensive treatments like Visual Field Testing and OPTOS Retinal Exam. To learn more about eye care treatments, call us.
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Top Choice for Laser Eye Treatment

At Dr. Qasim’s eye clinic, the goal is to thoroughly discuss laser eye treatment options with the patient.With Dr. Qasim’s expertise as the foremost eye specialist in dubai, you can choose your desired treatment option without any limitations. Dr. Qasim is well-known for using cutting-edge approaches to provide safe laser treatment.

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Best Eye Specialist in Dubai

Why Choose Dr. Qasim For Your Eye Care?

Consultant Ophthalmology Surgeon

As a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Dr. Qasim is a highly specialized professional, experienced as both a seasoned general practitioner and in the advanced stages of specializing in general practice. His expertise ensures top-notch eye care for our patients.
Leading ophthalmologist consultant surgeon in Retinal Surgery , Paediatric eye Surgery and Strabismus , Refractive surgery and Cataract


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What Patients Have to Say

Bettina Schaefer

This place is fulfilled with wonderful people. Always helpful, friendly, well experienced and full of empathy for their patients. I did a cataract surgery with Dr. Qasim. He's simply the best. I can highly recommend the whole team. They are doing a fantastic job.

Armaan Chanrai

Dr. Qasim highly professional in their routine checkups and their surgeries. Thanks to Dr. Qasim I have regained full eyesight through a non-touch trans PRK surgery and have had no issues since.

Mustafa Kaddoura

I had the pleasure of receiving cataract surgery from Dr. Qasim, and I cannot express how grateful I am for his exceptional expertise and care. Dr. Qasim is undoubtedly a highly experienced and skilled surgeon, and my entire experience under his care was nothing short of outstanding.

France Sahara

I got my lasik done at this place and my doctor Dr. Qasim was nice and accommodating, he is also very funny and friendly. The staff was just as kind and friendly and always remembered us in our next visits. They are very careful and diligent in what they do and I felt very safe and in good hands while I had my surgery. I'm so happy to have done my surgery here which was a very big success and now I have 20/20 vision.

Dr Qasim Best Eye Doctor in Dubai

Dr. Qasim is one of the Best Eye Doctors in Dubai and seamlessly blends medical expertise with a patient-centric treatment approach. Dr Qasim exceeds expectations through a commitment to delivering exceptional treatment outcomes. From diagnosis to treatment and ongoing management.

When should you consult with an Ophthalmologist?

Seek consultation with our ophthalmologists if you notice any of the following signs:

For routine check-ups, trust Dr Qasim (leading eye specialist in Dubai), a certified ophthalmologist providing precise diagnoses and tailored treatment recommendations for various eye care needs.

Procedures and Treatments under Ophthalmology Care

Experience comprehensive Ophthalmology care at Dr. Qasim’s clinic (leading ophthalmologist in Dubai). Our commitment to delivering excellent results and care is evident in the various procedures and treatments offered, which are as follows:
Trust Dr. Qasim for expert care and support in maintaining your eye health.

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